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Mak Olimpik, it's a little thing, but little things make the difference.

We started up in 1992 with the aim to make trips abroad and inside the country. We’re still going strong. Constantly our expert staff search for innovative itineraries, to suggest unique packages, to never lose the target of balance and the good prices. Tourism is a complex system. Suppliers, operators and passengers have an important role, so creating a chain of trust and reliability is our mission. With 3 offices located in Tirana, Elbasan and Lac and resident assistants in our planned destinations, we have direct control of the territory for a smooth and perfect service both for final passengers and tour operators. Our strength is surely our staff: 30 skilled persons working with dedication and passion. They come from different cities so they know attitudes of passengers and have control of the territory. This is the key to serve better the passengers: an happy client is a loyal client. 

Our products:

Group tours and stays: every year thousands of passengers choose to travel with us in many Italian destinations. Expert at our grp department when offer you an itinerary, always check the path and all details that can determine the success of the trip: local food traditions to suggest, opening/closing days and time of monuments and sites, wise travel tips and so on.

 Individual tours and stays: individual passengers have specific needs so another department takes care of them providing both simple services as hotel reservation, transfer services, guide and assistance services, excursions or more dedicated escorted tours where everything is included.

What we do

  •  Hotel accommodation in Albania
  •  Transfer services for individual and groups
  •  Guide and assistance services
  •   Daily excursions on regular and private basis
  •   Planning of incentives, congresses and events
  •   All kinds of tickets [flights, trains, pullman]

 How we do

  • For us giving you always a chance is a priority!
  • Our staff is there to give you the service you asked for, or the best suggestion in order to let you make the right offer to your clients.
  • A powerful booking on line system for your FIT passengers
  • A skilled grp department for your groups
  • A creative and professional MICE dept


Rumani & Bullgari

Udhëtim në misteret e legjendës së Kontit Drakula!

Duke filluar nga 199 eur per person

Vizite ne Keshtjellen e Drakules,ne Pallatin e Causheskut etj.



Meteora , Greqi


        Udhëtim në Meteora!

       1 natë / 2 ditë - 59 euro.

       Të përfshira në çmim:

       akomodim me mëngjes, transport.

       Vizitë në Janinë dhe Kastoria.





Aty ku toka përqafohet me tokën - Venezia !!!

219 euro/person - 4 netë / 5 ditë.

Të përfshira në çmim: akomodim me 2 vakte, trransport, guidë.


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